Carter Crest

From the shores of New Zealand to the interior of this home, the atmosphere is one of seafaring, with the freshness of an ocean gale.

  • Karla Billey Design Inc.


This home captures its owner’s personality like the many photographs that hang on the walls. A cadre of patterns and tones make for a sophisticated dwelling.

  • Christopher Clayton Furniture & Design House

Terwillegar Towne

Three floors, each decorated with gracefully placed antiques. A garden, so beautiful it should be forbidden, provides an escape from the suburbs into nature.

  • Self Store Central


Modern and removed, the interior of this home makes for comfortable, colourful living while the view leaves guests without words.

  • Manasc Isaac

St. Albert

A home chosen for its ravine location, professionally designed for entertaining and escape. A perfect residence for a party or repose.

  • m Squared Design Group


French inspired, artfully decorated, and drenched in natural light, this home blends old-world style with contemporary taste.

  • Christopher Clayton Furniture & Design House